We recommend you wipe your leather with water dampened cloth or sponge after every ride. This will prevent grime from building up on the surface of the leather. Wipe dry with soft cloth to make sure no water drops remain. Avoid using soap and water or conditioners with any cleaning agents or solvents. Cleaning with soap and water can wash out the color and oils that are necessary to protect your leather. If you have a neglected bridle and need to use soap, pure Glycerin bar products or Murphy’s Oil Soap is what we recommend. Wipe dry and air dry only. Do not expose leather to heat.


When your leather feels dry to the touch and colors look faded we recommend using a grease type conditioner.
We use and recommend Aussie Leather Conditioner by the Fiebing’s Company made in the USA. It is a grease type conditioner with beeswax that beautifies, conditions and waterproofs which aids in repelling sweat from your horse.

How to apply.

We apply Aussie conditioner with fingers and work the conditioner into the leather and let it set for several hours, and then wipe off any remaining conditioner with a lint free dry cloth. You should disassemble your bridle for these steps. Your leather will have a smooth soft feel with a soft shine and bright color.

Click here for info on Aussie conditioner