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Custom Sizing Forms

customform1 customform2 customform3

Custom Traditional and
Monocrown Snaffle
(Form 1)

Custom Monocrown
Weymouth Bridle
(Form 2)

Custom Traditional
Weymouth Bridle
(Form 3)

customform4 customform5 customform6

Custom Traditional
(Form 4)

Custom Crank
(Form 5)

Custom Drop Nose
(Form 6)


Instructions for using our custom sizing forms.

Using our sizing forms 1 through 6 you can completely custom fit your horses bridle. Please refer to our videos on What Constitutes a Proper Fitting Bridle and How to Measure for a Custom Bridle and follow the fitting and measuring instructions.  After your custom sizes have been calculated and recorded on this form, please transfer those measurements to the corresponding online form on our web site.  When entering your measurements they can be entered either as fractions or decimals. (Example 1/2” or .5 for one half inch). Include any plus or minus measurements in the windows as shown in the How to Measure for a Custom Bridle video. Weymouth Bridles are also known as Double or Full Bridles.

We are here to help if you have any questions please contact us at 816-744-0525