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How to Order
When you select a product you will be offered a list of available options. Prices shown are the base prices. Some options will affect the price of the finished product. Contact us if you want any options not offered. Most items are designated as Black Label Series or Platinum Series but in a few instances Series choice is an option.  All bridle and cavesson orders require your custom measurements or a standard size as outlined below.

Submitting Measurements
First we encourage you to view our videos What Constitutes a Proper Fitting Bridle and How to Measure for a Custom Bridle. We also offer our bridles in our own standard sizes. Our standard size specifications are on forms 7-10 After you have chosen your bridle style and options you will then need to match the product with the appropriate printable form or forms for the bridle components that you have ordered.  Sizing forms 1 through 6 are for custom sizing and forms 7 through 10 are for standard sizes.  Standard sizes also can be partially customized.  Print the forms you need and use them to record your custom measurements or for comparing our standard sizes to your current bridle.  After you have ascertained your custom measurements or standard sizes, transfer those measurements or standard sizes to our online form and submit them. After receiving both the sizing form and product order we will hand craft the order to your size and style specifications.  Final dimensions can vary up to plus or minus .25." 

Reins are ordered without any sizing forms, our standard rein lengths are 56 inches for our regular length and 62 inches long for our oversize length. We can customize the rein length at your request and if you need hand stops at a specific location on your reins we will do that upon request. You will need to call us for all special request. Please do not email these request.

The difference between Black Label Series or Platinum Series

Black Label Series: Featured series enhancements include the highest quality imported English bridle leather that is then handcrafted into straps  with all edges rounded, hand burnished and polished with multiple coats of three different penetrating edge finishes that produces a smooth  polished midnight black edge. All sliding keepers are hand fitted and hand sewn. All Black Label hardware is hand polished in-house for ultimate brilliance.

Platinum Series: Featured Series enhancements include the highest quality English bridle leather that is then handcrafted into straps with hand polished edges that are hand painted to create a beautiful black edge. All keepers are hand fitted and made with a solid brass attachment to  fasten the keepers together for years of reliable service. All hardware used on Platinum Series and Black Label Series is the same high quality hardware used on both series.

We are here to help if you have any questions please contact us at 816-744-0525