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Standard Sizing Forms

stdform7b stdform8b

Standard Size Universal
Snaffle and
Weymouth Headstall
(Form 7)

Standard Size Traditional
(Form 8)

stdform9b stdform10b

Standard Size Crank
(Form 9)

Standard Size Drop
Nose Cavesson
(Form 10)


Instructions for using our Standard Sizing Forms.
We encourage you to view our videos on What Constitutes a Proper Fitting Bridle and how to custom fit your  bridle or any bridle component to your horse in our How to Measure for a Custom Bridle video. The Standard Size Universal form will work for any style of bridle, Snaffle, Weymouth (also 
known as a Double or Full bridle), Monocrown or Traditional. Leave blank any measurement that does not apply. 

Standard sizes are Cob, Full Size and Over Size.  Standard sizes vary depending on the manufacturer so our specifications accompany each sizing form so you can compare them to your current bridle. If your current standard sized bridle matches our specifications you may just enter the name of the standard size (Cob, Full or Oversize) in the online form. You may also enter a custom measurement in any field if you need a custom part for an otherwise standard sized bridle.     

We are here to help if you have any questions please contact us at 816-744-0525